Athearn N FP45 with DCC & Sound SF/Kodachrome #5998 ATH15385 N Locomotives

Athearn N FP45 with DCC & Sound SF/Kodachrome #5998 ATH15385 N Locomotives

Athearn N FP45 with DCC & Sound SF/Kodachrome #5998 ATH15385 N Locomotives
Athearn N FP45 with DCC & Sound, SF/Kodachrome #5998, ATH15385. Scaled from prototype resources including drawings, field measurements, photographs, and more. Accurately painted and printed paint schemes. Fine-scale Celcon handrails for scale appearance. 5-pole skew wound motor, precision machined flywheels, and multi-link drivetrain for trouble free operation. All-wheel drive with precision gears for smooth and quiet operation. Heavy die-cast frame for greater traction and more pulling power. Jewel case blister packaging securely holds for the model. Fine-scale end handrails for scale appearance. Detailed and painted cab interior with control stand. 4,000 gallon fuel tank. Flexicoil-C sideframes with high brake cylinders. Flush mounted portal window glass. Snow plow or plate welded pilot.

SOUND EQUIPPED MODELS ALSO FEATURE. Onboard DCC decoder with SoundTraxx Tsunami2 sound. Sound units operate in both DC and DCC.

Full DCC functions available when operated in DCC mode. Engine, horn, and bell sounds work in DC. All functions NMRA compatible in DCC mode. Program a multiple unit (MU) lashup with lead unit only horn, bell, and lights. By the early 1960's the Electro-Motive Division (EMD) was at a big disadvantage.

Their 567 engine, in use for over 20 years, had reached it's peak at 2,500 horsepower in a turbocharged 16-cylinder version. EMD released a new 645 engine in 1966.

The most powerful locomotive using this series of engine was the SD45, powered by a 20-cylinder turbocharged 645E engine producing 3600 horsepower. EMD then offered the V20 645E engine in the SDP45 in a standard hood configuration and longer frame to occomodate the steam generator needed for passenger service. The EMD SDP45 was a good passenger locomotive, but to the Santa Fe Railway it did not look the part. EMD therefore designed a lightweight "cowl" body to cover the locomotive, though it did not, as in earlier cab units, provide any structural strength, which remained in the frame. The cowl provided sleeker looks, better aerodynamics at speed, and allowed the crew to enter the engine compartment en route for diagnostics and maintenance.

Where the FP45 was an SDP45 wrapped in a full-width Cowl carbody, the new F45 was essentially an SD45 given the same treatment. We do not sell used, opened, or damaged items. Some restrictions apply based on destination and item size. ORM-D and Lithium / Li-Po Battery Restrictions. Products of this nature include quarts of fuel, glues, paints, thinners, aerosol sprays, and certain lithium batteries.

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Athearn N FP45 with DCC & Sound SF/Kodachrome #5998 ATH15385 N Locomotives